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How do you charge for Link building services? offers a transparent and flexible pricing model. After we provide the results, you pay according to our agreement and signed contract. You can find specific pricing information for each service in the respective sections. Feel free to explore our offerings and select the plan that best fits your needs. If you have any questions about our pricing or need assistance, we are happy to help.

When do I need to make the payment?

At, we operate on a straightforward payment schedule. There are two options: the first option is to pay for 3 months in advance and get a discounted price, and the second option is once you approve the results at the end of the month, we kindly request that you make the payment within the specified time frame, as indicated in our billing contract terms. Should you encounter any challenges or have questions about the payment process, our dedicated team is here to assist you.

Can I Cancel My Plan or Subscription?

You have the flexibility to cancel your plan or subscription at any time on We understand that circumstances may change, and our cancellation process is designed to be user-friendly. To cancel your plan, you need to notify co-founders at least one month in advance; you can book a call with our co-founders and follow the provided instructions to initiate the cancellation. Please be aware of any cancellation policies or notice periods associated with your specific plan, and feel free to reach out to our support if you have any questions or need assistance during the process.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer your 1st link and consultation for FREE to discuss your needs and goals and provide a customized plan.

Do you have any agreement that we need to sign?

When you engage our services, we provide a comprehensive contract outlining our collaboration's terms and conditions. This contract is crucial to ensuring transparency and understanding between both parties. There are different contracts depending on which package you choose. During onboarding, we send you the contract and schedule a call to discuss each point in detail if you need assistance. This personalized approach lets us address any questions and ensure you understand the agreement's terms. Our team can assist you if you have questions or require further information about our contract terms. We appreciate your choice to work with us and aim to make onboarding simple and accessible.

What is The Minimum Number of Backlinks I can Request?

The minimum number of backlinks that we accept to work on is 10. However, we are open to discussing with you if you have special needs and requests.

How long does it take to get requested backlinks?

For standard link requests, the typical turnaround time is a three-month timeframe; each month, we provide a specific number of backlinks, and the overall count is delivered in 3 months. Our maximum capacity per project per month is 50 backlinks; however, we should discuss specific conditions and terms if you want more backlinks. The timing may vary based on factors such as the complexity of the request, the volume of requests, and other project-specific details. We strive to provide accurate delivery estimates during the order process, and our team works efficiently to meet or exceed those expectations. If you have specific deadlines or urgency, please communicate this during the request process, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Thank you for your understanding and for choosing for your link-building needs.

If I don’t like one of the backlinks, can I request to remove it, and do I need to pay for that link?

Our commitment to a fair and transparent model refers to link adjustments. If a link needs to be removed due to any valid reason, you will not be charged for that specific link. We want to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services, and we appreciate your collaboration in optimizing your link-building strategy. Regarding the payment, if you do not like a link, we can discuss its usability for your website. In cases where we both share the same perspective on a particular link, we will consider it a GIFT. This demonstrates our dedication to going beyond expectations and ensuring that your experience with exceeds satisfaction. Thank you for entrusting us with your link-building needs.

What is included in each pricing plan?

Each pricing plan includes different services, such as the number of backlinks, types of backlinks, backlink audits, keyword research, content writing, technical SEO audits, and more.

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