Best Link-Building Strategies and Tricks

94% of link builders state link quality is more important than link quantity, quantity quality thus is the best.  This makes link-building special and urges to find the best strategies and tricks for it. 
Businesses that do link-building have higher chances of ranking on the first page of Google SERP. Link-building is like money; the more you have it, the better it becomes.

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Guest Post Outreach

guest post outreach

How Does it Work?

One of the most common link-building strategies is guest posting. However, guest posting nowadays must be more timely and easier to arrange. Guest posting nowadays could be more stable, as many websites do guest posting on quality websites with payment. 

We suggest scanning and analyzing the website’s matrics before the guest post agreement.

The main questions connected to the traffic are

  • Is the traffic increasing, and what are the estimated numbers in increase?
  • Does this website have a write for us section? It is better to choose a website that does not have to write to us sentient as it has a higher value. For guest post corporations, it is unnecessary for the website to write for us, as you can always send requests to all websites. 
  • Does the website support the topic that you plan to cover?
  • Are the metrics good enough to start a collaboration with them?
  • And finally, is guest posting free of charge, or do you have to pay them?
  • As one of the most common link-building strategies, these steps make guest posting harder. 

But if you ask these 5 simple questions before making arrangements, there are higher chances that you will have a successful partnership of link-building.

Example of Guest Post Partnership Outreach  

Subject:  Guest Post Partnership for {website}

Body Text:

Hey {name} ,

I’m {your_name} from {your_website}. I saw that your team is posting a lot of great content, and I want to invite you to contribute to our {your website}.

How about we exchange guest posts?

Your insights on my site: My audience would love your take on the Educational category.

My content on yours: I can craft a piece on a topic tailored to your readers.

Exchanging posts not only offers fresh perspectives but also benefits our SEO. Interested in collaborating?

Warm regards

[Your Name] [Your Email] [Your Website] [Your Contact Information]

Non-Reciprocal Link Exchanges

link exchange

Non-reciprocal links are one of the Link Building Strategies we need to focus on. Non-reciprocal link exchanges also known as ABC link exchanges, or one-way link exchanges, are like when one website does a turn for another by linking to it without asking for a link back. 

To understand the logic, let’s bring it to real life. It’s like suggesting a great book to your friend without expecting them to recommend a book to you in return.

 So, if a reputable and trustworthy website gives your website a non-reciprocal link, it’s like a friendly pat on the back that can help it appear higher in search results. This is the nature of natural link building tips, as your website will be more acceptable for search engines. 

But remember, it’s essential to get these links naturally and honestly. 

Trying to manipulate or trick search engines with links can get you into trouble, so always follow our natural link-building tips to rank on Google SERP. Several agencies offer link building services that work very well. You just need to choose the one with fair and affordable pricing.

Link Exchange Email Template

Subject:  Non-Reciprocal Link Exchange offer for {website}

Body Text:

Hey {{Name}}, 📩

Here is an ABC link exchange collaboration offer,

To recap:

We’ll feature your link {{URL_Titel 1}} on our site, {{URL_Titel 2}}, with the anchor text “{{Anchor 1}}” to boost your link juice. ✅

In return, we kindly ask to include our page {{URL_Titel 3}} in your article at {{URL_Titel 4}}, using “{{Anchor 2}}”.

Imagine your link shining on our website! 😊

So ping me, and I will add your link quickly. 


— —


Buying Links from Trusted Services

One of the prominent and best link-building strategies is buying links from services you can trust. Especially if you do not have an in-house SEO team, collaborating with trusted services and purchasing links from authoritative websites will be more beneficial. There are many reasons why to outsource your SEO, but at the same time you need to be careful and choose the right services. 

However, finding an excellent service is not a piece of cake. We are here to help you through these steps to find trusted services to buy links. 

Check out Their Strategies

Confirm that they stick to ethical and Google-approved link-building practices. Avoid any service that uses black-hat techniques, as this can harm your website in the long run. You always need white hat link-building strategies to boost your SEO.

Anchor Text Strategy

Discuss how they handle anchor text. A diverse and natural anchor text profile is essential for SEO. Ensure they avoid over-optimization.

Link Diversity

Inquire about the diversity of the links they offer. A mix of dofollow and no-follow links and links from various websites (blogs, news sites, forums, etc.) can be beneficial. Request a list of websites they work with and ensure they are not spammy and have high authority. 

Reporting and Transparency

Ask about their reporting process. Will they provide regular updates on the links they’ve acquired and their impact on your site’s SEO? Transparency is key.

Client References

 Request references or case studies from previous clients to gauge the effectiveness of their services and the results they’ve achieved. 

Ask For 1 Link as an Example for free.

You can ask for 1 link as an example, as it will help you to understand how this service works and whether they are a perfect match for your website. Like GoPeak link building agency, that always offers the first link free of charge and helps clients to have an idea of the work. 

Do Not Make A Bulk Request

Request 10 links maximum for the first month of the partnership. Bulk requests are only good if you know their services well. You can ask for 10 links and afterward analyze whether they follow their metrics and whether these metrics work for you and your team. This is essential advice to buy links from other Link Building Strategies. 

What If the Link is Deleted?

It is also essential to read the contract carefully before you sign it. Ask them if the link will be deleted, and will they ensure to recover it or not? All these small details play a crucial role in link-building strategies for SEO.

Creating High-Quality Content

If you are unsure why creating high-quality content is a part of creative link-building strategies, let’s discuss the importance of quality content in bullet points. 

  • Crafting High-Quality Content: High-quality content is the foundation of effective link-building. You need to produce content that is both interesting and meaningful.
  • Valuable and Engaging: Create content that addresses your target audience’s needs and interests.
  • Content Formats: Explore various content formats, such as articles, infographics, videos, and interactive tools. You should also create video content, as nowadays, everyone enjoys short video formats. 
  • Attracting Backlinks: High-quality content attracts organic backlinks from other authoritative websites.
  • Social Sharing: Engaging content encourages sharing on social media and other online platforms.
  • Natural Backlinks: In your content, you should have natural backlinks, which will value your text. It is one of the types of link-building strategies that works very well. Giving credit to your words is excellent, so the reader will know the source is reliable. 
  • Boosting Authority: Great content enhances your website’s authority in your niche; boosting authority is one of the best Link Building Strategies.

Key to Success: You should realize content is essential for any effective link-building strategy and start to boost your blog post section ASAP.

Haro Link building

HARO link building

HARO (help a reporter out) is one of the best link-building strategies, which helps to attract links from high-authority publications. That is why HARO is perfect for the website authority. 

 Through HARO, you can provide expert insights in response to journalists’ queries, positioning yourself as an industry authority. When your answers get featured in respected publications, the resulting backlinks drive valuable traffic and signal to search engines that your website is a trusted and authoritative source of information.

 HARO is one of the most creative link-building strategies, but still, you need to be prepared for it. 

As a result, your website gains visibility and SEO ranking, making HARO an indispensable tool in your link-building arsenal.

Succeeding with HARO link-building requires a strategic approach and dedication. And you will need to work with a journalist, but how?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to manage HARO link-building

  • Create a Full HARO Profile

Begin by signing up for a HARO account, providing detailed information about your expertise and industry.

  • Select Relevant Categories

Choose categories that align with your niche and expertise to receive queries that fit your website well.

  • Set Up Email Alerts

Configure HARO email alerts to receive relevant queries in your inbox. Respond promptly to journalist requests.

  • Craft Exceptional Responses

When responding to queries, ensure your responses are well-written, concise, and directly address the journalist’s needs. Be sure to showcase your expertise.

  • Provide Value

Focus on providing valuable and unique insights or data that make your response stand out. Journalists are likely to use your input if it adds genuine value to their story.

  • Follow Journalist Guidelines

Pay attention to each journalist’s guidelines and deadlines. Adhering to their requirements increases your chances of getting featured.

  • Build Relationships

After contributing to a story, maintain a positive relationship with the journalist. Express your willingness to assist with future queries.

  • Monitor Your Mentions

Regularly check for mentions and backlinks from articles that use your contributions. Ensure the links are correctly attributed. You can earn links through a monitoring process, as you will always be aware of what is going on in your mentions. 

  • Promote Published Content

Share articles that feature your insights on your social media channels and website. This not only boosts your authority but also encourages further sharing.

  • Track Your Results

Monitor the impact of HARO link-building efforts on your website’s traffic, search rankings, and overall online presence. Adjust your strategy as needed.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is key. Continue responding to relevant HARO queries to maintain a steady flow of backlinks.

  • Measure ROI

Evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of your HARO efforts. Assess whether the links obtained are driving valuable traffic and conversions.

  • Consider Premium HARO Services

If HARO proves highly effective for your link-building strategy, consider upgrading to premium services that offer advanced features. 

Success with HARO link building is achievable, as it is one of the white hat link-building strategies you can use to enhance your website’s authority and reap the benefits of increased visibility and SEO rankings. And as Google Search Advocate John says “SEO will never die, and it’ll continue to evolve.”

Linkedin Outreach For Link Building

LinkedIn outreach

Link building through LinkedIn outreach has proven to be a helpful strategy. LinkedIn has an extensive network of professionals. Cold emails sometimes need to be fixed, and the transition to LinkedIn will be life-saving for your website. Through LinkedIn outreach, you can connect directly to the right specialist. 

For example, consider a scenario where a digital marketing agency aims to enhance its website’s search engine rankings by getting high-quality backlinks. Through LinkedIn outreach, the agency identifies prominent bloggers and content creators in the digital marketing field.

They then initiate contact with a personalized message, demonstrating a genuine interest in the professionals’ work and expertise. This approach facilitates the creation of valuable backlinks and elevates the agency’s online reputation and credibility.

LinkedIn outreach combines networking, relationship-building, and content marketing, making it one of the compelling link-building strategies. Through LinkedIn outreach, you can present yourself as a specialist, not a link seller. It allows you to create a community that will trust you as a specialist and further cooperate with you. 

Nowadays, LinkedIn outreach is time-consuming and very complicated. Therefore, we recommend finding automation tools to save time and have better reach on Linkedin. The best tool for automation is Phantombuster.

What Are The Best Link Building Tricks ?

So far, we have discussed the best link building strategies, and now we will present your tricks that will make your work easier. These tricks are from our 4 years of experience creating link building strategies.

➡️ Email Outreach

Here are some tricks and best practices for email outreach when conducting link-building through our experience. 

Create Your Outreach List
    • Divide your outreach list into relevant segments based on industry, authority, or relevance, as email outreach remains among the most notable link building strategies. 
Create an Engaging Subject Line
    • Create an engaging subject line that captures the recipient’s attention and encourages them to open your email.
Personalize Your Email
    • Address the recipient by name and demonstrate your research by mentioning specific details about their website or content.
Keep it Concise
    • Be brief in your email; busy professionals are likely to engage with shorter messages.
Highlight Benefits
    • Clearly outline the advantages of linking to your content, such as adding value to their audience or improving SEO.
Use a Professional Tone
    • Maintain a polite and professional tone throughout your communication.
Include a Call to Action (CTA)
    • Explain your desired action, whether linking to your content, sharing it, or discussing potential collaboration.
Offer Something in Return
    • Consider reciprocity; propose a guest post or offer to promote their content on your platform. Be clear with your message. 
Follow Up
    • If there’s no response, send a courteous follow-up email after an appropriate interval. Sometimes, multiple touches are necessary for a reply.
Build Long-Term Relationships
    • Focus on creating relationships with website owners and bloggers instead of securing one-time links. 
Be Organized
    • Use tools or spreadsheets to record your outreach efforts, responses, and follow-up actions meticulously.

By implementing these tricks into your email outreach plan, you can enhance the effectiveness of your link-building campaign and foster valuable connections in your industry. Email outreach is one of the best link-building strategies.

➡️ Social Media Communications

It is not a surprise that social media communication is vital to implement link building strategies. Now, let’s concisely point out how you should use your social media to have maximum results for your link building strategies.

1. Optimize Your Social Presence

Maintain a strong and authoritative presence on relevant social platforms. Share your expertise and create authority as a specialist or a famous website.

2. Share Valuable Content

Create and share engaging content that’s likely to be shared and linked. As many reactions your posts get, as much authority you will shape in the field.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Include relevant hashtags to boost discoverability.

4. Engage Influencers

Interact with industry influencers to build relationships. Connect with industry influencers and start direct collaborations.

5. Foster Linkable Content

Strategically promote content, earning backlinks. Earn links with the help of social media communications and through building solid relationships.

6. Use Visuals:

Use compelling images, infographics, and videos for increased sharing.

Implementing these simple tricks can help you effectively use social media for link-building and expanding your online presence.

➡️ Use Ahrefs' "Content Explorer" Feature

ahrefs gopeak

Step 1

To discover authors associated with articles or blog posts in your niche, turn to Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. Start by inputting relevant keywords or phrases into the search bar, and Ahrefs will present a list of matching articles.

Step 2

Once you’ve identified a relevant article, click on it. Ahrefs often provides the author’s name with valuable data like social shares, backlinks, and referring domains.

Step 3

To explore more articles by the same author, click on their name if it’s a clickable link. This action will generate a comprehensive list of all articles attributed to that author, allowing you to explore their work and establish connections for collaboration or link-building opportunities.

Step 4

You can refine your search results by applying filters available in Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. These filters include options to narrow down results by publication date, language, and content type, simplifying your efforts to pinpoint relevant authors within your niche.

Using Ahrefs’ Content Explorer, you can effectively locate authors associated with content relevant to your link-building.

➡️ Tricks To Identify Your Competitors

Let’s now dive deep into tricks for identifying your competitors:

  1. Google Search: Start with a Google search using industry-related keywords to find top-ranking websites, your primary competitors.
  2. Keyword Tools: Use tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to identify websites ranking for the exact keywords of your business.
  3. Social Media: Search social media platforms for competitors using relevant hashtags or keywords.
  4. Google Ads Data: Analyze Google Ads’ competitors’ reports to see who’s bidding on your keywords.
  5. Google Alerts: – Set up alerts for keywords and your brand name to track mentions.

These 5 methods will help you identify competitors efficiently and inform your marketing and link-building strategies.

Final Notes For Our Reader

As we have discussed, link building is super important for your website. It helps your site get noticed and rank higher on Google.

We’ve talked about some great strategies and tricks you can use. All these strategies work very well, and our expertise in the field proves that these strategies can help you to be proficient in link building.

Remember, focus on quality links, not just quantity.

Be smart, reach out to others, and keep making excellent content. With time and effort, your website will shine and challenge the search engines!

If you want to conduct a free consultation, then make sure to book a call with our experts for possible collaboration. Good Luck!


What role do Backlinks play in ranking on Google SERP?

Backlinks from reputable websites are a significant factor in search engine ranking algorithms—websites with backlink profiles rank higher in search results, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic. Effective link-building strategies often result in organic link growth as more websites discover and link to your content. The success of link-building depends on the links’ quality, the linking websites’ relevance, and the overall link-building strategies operated.

Anahit Babkenyan is a proficient content writer; she creates SEO-friendly content with scholarly research. She enjoys traveling, reading books on the trains, and creative writing in her spare time.

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